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Book of Dagon[]

When Hansel and Gretel came running back to their parents, following the breadcrumbs they left behind, they knew that the woman who tried to feed them in her home would be hung as soon as they lied about her intentions. They watched eagerly, and giggled selfishly at their prank, as neighbors gathered and took to her home with arms and rope in hand. The Witch Elizabeth, had done no harm... at least not to them.


She is the fourth boss of the game within the alternate paths. She is seen being hanged by some Peasants with the priest as she transform into a witch. She shows no harm to you which depends on what to choose either you attack her or not. If you choose"No", you will be granted a card of a new minion"The Black Cat" and avoid the battle, and if you choose"Yes", you will start the battle and upon defeat you will unlocked a card of a new minion"The Drowned". She will use spells at you. She will teleport away from you.


Explosive spell-She will use ranged attacks at you minions. They are seen as fire-like and explodes in a short time. If you touch the spell it will explode at you.
Ring of fire & Duplication-She will cast a "Ring of fire" spell where the fire surrounds her to protect herself and spreads the fire horizontally and during the spell she will duplicate herself into three.

She will drop a cauldron which shoots green goops at you and target zones(circles)will appear if not careful it will damage your minions.


She is found in Nova Ugarit, Outer Wall