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Book of Dagon[]

Windows of the tavern glistened with dew, the morning outside was quiet and cold, but a hearty warmth brewed inside. Glenn sat with his friends drinking ale, winning arm wrestling competitions and singing songs of beautiful maiden with rich evil fathers. Here he could rest from his backbreaking work, and dull his thoughts from the nightmarish memories of his days out at sea, where he constantly felt watched by a writhing fury beneath the surface, past its deepest depths.


He is the second boss in the game within the alternate path. He use his long-chained fish hook as his shield and weapon by swinging around him and throw it at your minions if not careful of where he is aim.As he throws his fish hook he is vunrable to your minions as he is pulling his fish hook towards him and as he finish bringing his fish hook he'll go back to defending himself.

Tip:Crates are destroyed by his hook when swing and throwing.


He is located in the Karlshaven, Construction & Trading