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The Worm
The Worm
Type Melee
Health C
Attack B
Speed E
Horror D
Amount 5

The Worm is a Minion controlled by Dagon's Apostles in Sea Salt. They are the first Minions unlocked in the game.


Slow moving melee minions. Leaves a slowing trail of slime. Corrosive damage against wood structures.

Book of Dagon[]

Like the Swarm, Worms are part of the arthropod phylum and started appearing on rotting civilizations that came before, feeding on old knowledge and putrid corpses. They now exist to thwart progress and consume discarded hollow bodies of the sacrificed.


Worms are slow, but have decently high attack. However, they deal extra damage to wooden structures, such as barricades, ballistas, and watchtowers. Their trail also slows down enemies, enabling a somewhat easier escape from dangerous enemies despite their slow movement.