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Book of Dagon[]

They ended up at the doorstep of the grand cathedral at the age of 9. The Archbishop saw their thorns and their beauty, and pitied their unused potential. He took them in and gave them everything they could dream of. He showed them literature, wealth and the wonder of art, but the fact was:they only dreamt of violence. To this his, answer was in a serum the alchemist made it would transform their stature from huge to monstrous and secure their devotion to the Church. They stood guard at the gates as an undying symbol of the gifts.


They are the fourth boss in the game within the alternate paths.It is a dual boss battle.During the dual boss battle you will be attack by cannonballs from the cannons which is operated by Rumata.The first one you will encounter is Budakh. He will do shield bash when nearby and do a large ground slam attack.He is invunrable during the battle but when he do a ground slam he is vunrable even though there is a short period to attack and he will cool down to get back up which makes him vunrable and he is vunrable to cannonballs when they crash near him. If his health is half-low, Rumata will join the fight by jumping off the with a fire spread attack when he hit the ground that he will be doing throughout the battle. Rumata will swing his sword one or two times and after swinging he will cool down for a second to get back up which makes him vunrable. You will be fighting both of them.When one of them is defeated they become aggresive as their color will be reddish.Their attacks will change making them hard than before.


Budakh:(Upon Rumata's defeat)he will run faster, the shield bash became a small ground slam attack, and the ground slam attack's range becomes larger than before .

Rumata:(Upon Budakh's defeat)he runs faster too.He swings his sword four times in each two attempts and the fire spread attack will happen when your near to him after the cooldown.

Even though one of them gets to be ripped by the kraken upon defeat only so you get to choose who lives first and who dies first.


They are located in Nova Ugarit, City entrance.