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Book of Dagon[]

Out in the hills, the last of the templars gathered building a refuge for the remaning Christians. There, they were ambushed by armed forces of The Church of Dagon and the allied houses followed it. All the templars were cut down and left to rot, all but one. He knew he'd need an army to defeat his oppressors, and by practicing necromancy, he found a way to bring his comrades partially back to life. But this obsession took hold of his soul and made him an iron husk, only living to fight something long gone.


He is the third boss of the game. He is an easy boss to beat. He is seen digging a grave then went to his horse to ride on. There are three ballistas: two on the north and one on the south. He moves to left and right and does no damage to your minions while riding but the only damage they can do is necromancing circles:raises the dead's arms, if not careful. There is a way to make him vunrable to your minions, if you make the ballistas fire at him he'll be thrown and his horse dies. He will try to reach for his sword for him to ride again and if he grabs his sword your minions will be pushed away in a circle(when surrounding him) and it will revive his horse by turning it into a zombie or ghost horse and ride on it and even it gets hit by an arrow it will be revive again and nothing changes the horse.


He is found in the Hogstead frontier.