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Book of Dagon[]

The story goes, by telling and retelling, that the King-whom met Aghra De Pesca centuries past- yet lives, and so too his son¡ now the Archbishop of the Church of Dagon. The Archbishop was prepared To sacrifice all he had in the name of Dagon, until the day His Name bubbled up through the Communion well. Believing to be a God himself, A sheperd of imperishable Holiness he thought it just To challenge Dagon's will For the first, and last time.


He is sixth and the last boss in the game. You will encountered him through the hall in the Cathedral. The actual battle doesn't start now. He will use a forcefield around himself and when it breaks he will run away towards the West Wing. In the West Wing the Archbishop is in the left of the room and it is surrounded by enemies. He will pull out a machine gun which he will fire many slugs. The litted part target zone will grow instead of shrinking and cover the faded part of the target zone. Your minions will not be damage in the path of the incoming slug fire, only in the target zone. When you reach to him, he will run back in the main part of the Cathedral. Inside, he will use the forcefield again and gives you some gold and when you break it, he will run away again towards the East Wing of the Cathedral. The same thing will happen again. When you reach him, he will run back inside again and this is when the actual battle begins. He will use forcefield throughout the battle. The blue bar within the health bar is the durability bar of the forcefield. He has powers which was given by Dagon.


Laser: He will use his staff which he will fire a laser around in a circle.

Orbs: He will cast three orbs that will explode at your minions.

Telekinisis: He'll only bring down chandeliers in random places and will spread fire when it crash. There is no target zone that will appear but a shadow will indicate when the chandeliers fall when they grow.

Machine gun: It's not actually a power but a weapon he will use to fire at your minions.

He will run towards your minions when he stops fighting. Also he cooldown and get back up when he cast the forcefield.


He is located in the hall of the Grand Cathedral of Nova Ugarit.