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Action, Strategy, Lovecraft
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Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 64-bit, Intel Core2 Duo E4500 (2 * 2200) or equivalent, AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ (2 * 2200) or equivalent, 2 GB RAM, GeForce 7600 GT (256 MB), Intel HD Graphics 4400 (Shared), Radeon X1600 XT (256 MB), 500 MB available space

Sea Salt is an action strategy hybrid lovecraftian adventure game created by Y/CJ/Y from Gothenburg, Sweden. In Sea Salt, players will become Dagon, the old god, the eldritch force from the deep sea.

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Available as standard "Sea Salt" edition and "Sea Salt Digital Deluxe Edition" (contains "Sea Salt" and "Sea Salt - Digital Deluxe Package").

  • "Sea Salt - Digital Deluxe Package" is a DLC for the base game and contains the original soundtrack composed by Karl Flodin (+ Bonus tracks), an art booklet with a lot of background information and concepts, a comic by Y/CJ/Y, desktop backgrounds, a map (exclusive and not found in the game), hi-res official posters and stickers for the players to print.


The "Sea Salt" soundtrack was composed by Karl Flodin. The soundtrack is part of the "Sea Salt - Digital Deluxe Package" available as DLC.

Also available on amazon music, Spotify, Apple music.
  • 19 tracks




The story starts at the Grand Cathedral of Nova Ugarit where The Archbishop summons Dagon and asking what people is needed to be sacrificed for the Grand Sacrifice and this is what he said.

Dagon:"Scribe of Karlshaven, Anthony Poe

"Sea-Priest, William Hawthorne"

"Teacher, Alice Blakeley"

The Archbishop agree and assured that they will be beckoned into the depths of the other world and then he was interrupted by Dagon when he said.

Dagon:"Archbishop of Nova Ugarit you are beckoned into the depths of the other world"

Which means he is included in the Grand Sacrifice but he refuses to be sacrificed and saying there must be a mistake but Dagon refuse to say that it is a mistake. The Archbishop says that if he fell, so will the church and Dagon warns him the consequences he will pay if not sacrifice.The tutorial starts at the Ruins of Xthu-Tho R'yal and at the end of it your minions goes up on he anchor into the ship. Later the admiral tells the sailors to be vigilent since he has a gut feeling. After the defeat of Admiral Pierce, a kraken rose and sunk the Fale Lady. After the events of "The Fale Lady, Baliev goes to the Archbishop and gives reports of the admiral's flotilla "The Fale Lady" has been sunk and rumors say about the horrors that came from the sea. The Archbishop says that it is Dagon's works who is beckoned them the sacrifice but he said that it is impossible. Baliev asks him what to do and also asks that they weren't told who would be sacrificed and the Archbishop tells him to have faith on their worship and gather their defenses. After the massacre at Karlshaven the Archbishop calls their best men:The Thistle Guards and Count Volgrave in the West Wing in the Cathedral and briefing about the Dagon's forces and their works that will happen in the city. Count Volgrave is assigned to pass the proper orders in the defense and the Archbishop tells them to protect the city at all cost. After the slaughter in Rotwood, the Archbishop tells the people of the dangers that come towards the city exist like gold, fish and prosperity that they have been enjoying in the past centuries that would carry on forever and shares thoughts that they are in a chain of something intangible and Godly and says that the emergence shall not outcast in the universe but the crowd starts to give complaints and starts to panic. He raise his voice and said "SILENCE" and said to them that he is heartbroken to all of them and that he says that they have been forsaken and the Archbishop says to them that they must have faith in who they are and says that they will not go quietly in the night. After many men in Hogstead slaughtered, crops destroyed and Dagon's minions breached through the wall, the Archbishop in the sacrifice pit near the Grand Cathedral tells the forces seeped through the Walls but they must not fear for that they will sacrifice needless things: box, baby, and gold.Then, he tells Baliev to bring his cats and birds to the sacrifice. After that, Baliev tells him about the gold and then he said to keep it in the Cathedral. Then Baliev gives compliments about the Archbishop to the people. After many men and people killed and the fall of Count Volgrave, Baliev tells the Archbishop that the situation is getting out of hand and their best men are dead. Then, the Archbishop question himself of how it is not enough that he give so much and he doesn't understand, then Baliev asks him what he is talking about. He explains that

Map menu[]

It is the main menu in the full release. The original main menu is the title within the title screen.It shows the the places in the game.


The Sea




Nova Ugarit

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