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Book of Dagon[]

None are weaker, and more fragile than Raphael. He hides himself in the old cloth of the cult of Dagon, and cowers behind a revered title, as he preaches of his preordained life. When the day of sacrifice comes, he is happy to serve by using his wormy tongue to devise tales captivating ignorant people of the village and watch as they let blood flow in rejoice of promised benediction. Then with false humility he would collect coin for the bishop in the name of The Great One.


He is the second boss of the game within the alternate path. He is unlike other bosses in the game. He doesn't fight your minions, he hides himself in the church and let the people of Karlshaven with the Three Flame Leaders do the battle. Upon defeat, a cutscence opens showing Deacon being thrown out of the church and begging you to spare his life which is the cue to attack him or leave him, which depends on you.Flame Leaders will go to the bell and ring it and it will probably make the group go towards you and sometimes a Molotov Thrower will stay and fearful Peasants will go towards other Flame leader but after that, other Peasants and Molotov Throwers will go back to the Flame leaders.They will inspire the people making them fearless and without the Flame leader they will run away. The mob usually group around the Flame leader.


He is located in Karlshaven, Iron Square.