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Book of Dagon[]

No matter where one was on the peninsula, everyone heard of Count Volgrave. He brought gunpowder and medicines hither unheard of at all. He advanced industries and made automated machines for all manner of tasks. Being intrigued by alchemy, and the possibility to harness the power of Dagon, he made potions and elixirs that gave him incredible agility, strength, and made him live longer than most men. He was awesomely intelligent, knowing all about ante-diluvian monsters. His only weakness is his insatiable curiosity.


He is the fifth boss of the game. He has multi-phases during the game. Five abilities he use are shown above him, if one of them are seen above him indicating what he is using.

Phase 1 Ex.

  • Elixir: probably regain his health.
  • Lingering potion: throws at your minions which slows down your minions.
  • Ninja daggers: throws the daggers in a short circle.
  • Sword: similar to the Blavatsky Hunter he slash his sword in a linear path and only does three attacks at your minions.
  • Gun: If your minions are far away from him, he will run and shoot towards your minions but if close to him, he will run away from you.

Upon defeat his hand is cut but there is a twist, like I said he has multi-phases, as the kraken grabs him he fights back by cutting the tip of the tentacles and he drinks a potion that Baliev give him made his hand a tentacle and starts to transform in a mini-kraken which indicates Phase 2.

Phase 2


  • Spin attack: he spin towards you and leave trails of fire but slows down in a short window but it starts to change by turning it into a long spin.
  • Meteors: a cresent moon is seen above him indicating that he is summoning a meteor storm where target zones start appear randomly at you if not careful.

Not only other bosses are being ripped apart by grabbing the arms and legs but also seen ripped apart by grabbing the tentacles itself.


He is located in Nova Ugarit Sewers, Charging facility

Tip:He has tanks holding creatures throughout his domain. Upon destroying them Fishmen (one per tank) will be released for use in battle but there is also a Blavatsky Hunter inside one of the tanks.