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Book of Dagon[]

Loyalty was ingrained from years of prosperous service under the direction of Dagon through the mouth of order, outweighs that of the gut. Admiral Pierce laid his belief in the church instead of in that which was tangibly before him -the true old and dark power of the beckoning Sea. For all he knew was the axiom that by the will of the church and the sacrifices they performed did he, and his men, gain such respect on the seven seas.


He is the first boss in the game. As the battle begins he is being pulled up by a rope and every time he is pulled up, he moving to a another place and when being moved to a another place he'll shoot cannonballs or two by the cannon he is wielding so beware of target zones(circles).When he is put down he is vunrable to your minions as he is reloading his cannon. He will be moving to a another place (on rope)again as soon as he finish reloading his cannon. He will move to a another place(on foot)when being surrounded.


He is encountered in the The Fale Lady, Wheather Deck on his flotila.